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Imperium Draconis of Eonar
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Welcome to Imperium Draconis !

Click Here for our full rules and regulations.

Please label any alts you have in the guild public note for that character- guild pruning will be occuring soon, any characters not marked as alts who have been gone for 30 days or longer will be removed.

Also- I'm sure you have all noticed the drop in numbers of guildies online at any given time- this is an issue that will be resolved as quickly as possible through recruitment- please keep your eyes open for un-guilded players- never fear- we WILL become active again!

Joining the Imperium Draconis community:

All entries on this community are viewable to all. However, you must create a live-journal account if you wish to post or comment in the community.

Creating a livejournal is free- if you are choosing to create an account please use the name of your main character in the guild as your user name- if that name is taken pick something similar. Once you've created a livejournal account click "Join Community" at the top of this user info page. It would also be appreciated if you included information about your character in your profile- race, class, professions, and usual playing hours (server time).

Anyone can join the community, but you must be granted permission by Attarah in order to post- this is to ensure that random livejournal browsers don't join and spam the community. Please let me know In Game if you are planning to join and post so that I can grant you posting access as soon as possible.

To make a post in the community go to the toolbar at the top of the main livejournal page, mouse over 'journal' then click 'update'. Make sure when you're updating in the community that you switch the journal you're posting in at the bottom of the update screen.

Regarding livejournal posting- please keep the language as clean as possible just out of general respect to other members.

If you have any questions about using livejournal either leave a comment for me (all comments are emailed directly to me) or use the livejournal FAQ.
Step-by-Step instructions on installing Ventrillo- special thanks to cruelmotif!