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Care about this

Posted by haldamir on 2005.08.24 at 12:07
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I think we should keep this website as our primary website. It kinda simple to use as a news page. And we could keep the forum as a way of information/files server.

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Here I am

Posted by haldamir on 2005.08.23 at 18:46
Nice, this website is kinda cool. Sad to heard about Wild's decision. But eh, with you, Attarah, at the head of the Imperium, I guess we are in good hands ;)

Guild Roster

Posted by attarah on 2005.08.22 at 19:46
Here is where our guild roster will be kept- for now it will only list the officers, but will be updated with the full roster ASAP:

Guild Leader:
Attarah- Hunter
Alt: Liyra- Priest

Draco Elite:

Wild- Hunter
Haldamir- Hunter
Slapshot- Priest
Althian- Hunter
Tholus- Paladin
Berbendy- Rogue
Zeniphram- Warlock
Dionsinn- Druid
Emoryn- Rogue


Posted by attarah on 2005.08.19 at 23:43
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Sadly our fearless leader Wild has chosen to move her heroic efforts to Moonrunner, and has left me in her stead;

Guild Leader: Attarah 52 Night Elf Hunter
Alt: Liyra 17 Night Elf Priest
A complete guild roster will be added here with level and guild rank shortly.

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